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bold, fun & human

Write your own solutionary story


We believe in human potential to be a force to change the world for better. Our mission is to help you write your own solutionary story. We bring around you tools, services and a strong community to accelerate your growth.

Develop your superpower, gain resilience, maintain mental & body health and experience happiness and fulfilment.

Solutions for personal & business growth.

why it matters


Do you want to change the world? Why limit yourself in what you can achieve?


The indicator of your path. What is fun for you and work for others?


Do you think it makes a difference in your evolution knowing you matter?


It is our most powerful tool in life. Do you know how to harvest its power?


What do you do now to nurture it to support your life and dreams?


World’s investment sit in your power to steer.  Become a procurement superpower. Be solutionary!

invest in your people

write your own solutionary story




Invest in your employees growth, mental health and wellbeing. Invest in their soft skills and career aspirations. Acknowledge each journey is unique and convince them you care.

While wellbeing, talent and leadership development may have been your priority, the current market conditions trigger a need for personalized approaches.

Program built  for procurement teams that strive for excellence and positive impact.


A special approach, personalized for each of your team members to support them in their unique aspirations and life journey. Make them understand YOU CARE for each of them as individuals.


Value the unique talent you already have and give them the tools they need to become a procurement superpower. If you need fast turnaround, they are your best bet and best investment.

Holistic Health

Mental & body health, wellbeing and balance, happiness are personal and complex. That’s where we bring the Solutionary Universe, to tailor solutions for all our complexities and wonders.

invest in yourself

Impactful growth, step by step


Discover your superpowers, celebrate your uniqueness and unlock new personal and career growth opportunities with the first Personalized Learning Cloud dedicated to all procurement humans fueled by purpose.

Break the pattern of the usual, be inspired, become a force of good.


We celebrate your uniqueness & superpowers. We respect your time & energy.  1h/week of the right learning for you, compounds over time.


Connect with a supportive community of like-minded procurement professionals and learn from each other.


What is your next career step? Is it a new job, new industry, new level or are you going towards entrepreneurship? We are here to help you shape the map of your next moves and ACT.

our community

You are solutionaries in your world, looking to create a positive impact, self develop and grow a happy, fulfilling life.

You are looking for people and business like you to help and contribute to your unique journey.

You believe in connected human minds’ potential of becoming solutionaries of world’s most meaningful problems.


  • HAPPINESS – 90%
  • wellbeing – 77%
  • Positive impact – 85%

Other Programs we develop & love

The Road to Happiness

It’s a journey, not a destination. A 8-week guided program designed to give young people the tools and strategies to become more resilient, achieve wellbeing and improve their job prospects.

Help Kids PRO

Techniques for parents to empower children to build a healthy life. Help kids learn how to manage better the screen time while developing new healthy habits and skills. A work of love…

Who is our creator?

Humans & businessess fueled by our life stories, pupose and bold dreams.

Andra Fola

Solutionary Architect

Vast knowledge across anything procurement, former CPO, Vodafone & Amazon alumni. 


Humans & businessess supporting us along our story

Michelle George

CEO Rubix Potential

Contributed with her psychology knowledge to the creation of 5 Personas and with her amazing spirit to setting up Solutionary Minds.

We hope we will always stay close and support each other on our joruneys.