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procurement careers

How to build a career that maximizes your potential

There is nothing more powerful career propeller than excelling in one hard skill and mastering the human skills.

But how do you know what to focus on?  What path fits best with the career you imagine and the impact you want to create?

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A procurement career that maximizes your potential

Let’s deep dive into the procurement career and strategy to build one that maximizes your potential.We will talk about skills, progress levels and strategies…

I Love Procurement, 10 reasons to love and invest in procurement skills.

10 reasons to love and invest in procurement skills. 1) You matter: you lead your projects and your skills, drive, motivation, knowledge are…

Procurement during a recession, a human view.

I was early in my procurement career in 2008. Inflation was higher and higher, our customers had less money to spend, the revenue stopped growing …

Find out more about who we are, our story and purpose.

Maybe a pivot from procurement to entrepreneurship is what you are thinking to do? This is our story and what we’ve learned so far.

8 trends impacting procurement professionals.

There are 8 TRENDS we accounted for when we built Procurement Superpower, the resilience and leadership development program. The trends impact…

Building your procurement career like a start-up.

Building a career is like building a start-up, where you know already the product, it’s YOU! When starting and long after, you do not know…

Start-up & procurement. What makes them look similar?

I want to deep dive today in something I find very special for a procurement role, and now experiencing start-up life, something that strongly connects these 2…

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Meet the 5 Personas

The Negotiator

A negotiator dives into the strategy, finds the best people, companies, practical solutions and points of integration. They build the relationships. They deeply understand both businesses and people. They own the strategy and make things happen.

The Strategist

A strategist grasps the future trends, sees the big picture and builds the strategy. They understand well the markets and acosystems the company operates in. They can grasp the dinamics, factors of change or disruption and craft options that prepare businessess to thrive. They are fact-based and data-driven.

The Catalyst

A catalyst manages the relationships on a continued basis. They’re in for exploration, evolving the architecture and improving infrastructures. They bring the necessary drive and motivate everyone on the journey. They also contextualize ideas and, while being innovative, make sure that they are inline with the strategy.

The Architect

An architect manages the complexity and finds the best way to put all the components together, to connect the dots – the strategy, suppliers, digital solutions. They understand the company’s needs, people needs, digital landscape, desired outcomes and design ecosystems that bring the vision to life.

The Disruptor

A disruptor spots risks and sparks innovation potential. They create new, customer-centric products. They act proactively to manage the risks. They dare to think differently to overturn the status quo.