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Hello, I’m Andra fola

Who is the Solutionary Architect?

Andra is a highly experienced procurement leader, 20 years, and maybe even more valuable in this Digital Procurement context, a recognized leader for procurement innovation.

Andra is the former CPO of Vodafone Romania and lead of Amazon GPO supplier innovation, 2 times awarded leader for innovation in Long Tail and Contracting in Agile procurement. She is also the architect of AVA, Vodafone’s inhouse solution of Sourcing Automation.

Want more info to connect? The portfolio of latest and greatest is below.


It’s unique, it’s not a hard skills assessment you have seen before. 5 Personas is an assessment across 22 human capabilities that are linked with performance and wellbeing. 


Work with and bring development programs and technology solution to your procurement teams motivated by positive impact. We focus on impactful growth, step by step. This means the most efficient route to grow that achieves your purpose, with a pace that is not burning your resources but builds your resilience.


We are building an E2E solution for your long tail needs and offer bespoke consultancy and analytics. Letz transform together your long tail into long smiles for your business partners.

5 personas

What is 5 Personas?

It’s the first personalized solution for procurement professionals to develop future proof careers in a healthy, impactful way.

It’s an assessment app across 22 capabilities associated with high performance in procurement and wellbeing.

It is not a hard skills assessment like all the others. It’s human centered, holistic view as any life solution should be.


Solutionary Procurement capabilities

With the Procurement Superpower program, your teams will have access to a brand new concept of holistic learning, to develop their innovative skills and personal resilience. Contact us for an immersive body & mind experience.

With Solutionary PLC, your teams have access to a tech solution dedicated to extremly busy procurement professinals. Targeted learning content limited to 1h per week investment, personalized to their capabilities and goals.

With Max Impact you learn how to better engage your stakeholders and management teams for the success of your large transformation programs success. Rooted in human sciences and 20 years of experience, Max Impact is a new perspective on communication with impact.

With Impactful Growth Cards you have a fresh, fun cards game way to engage your team in team meetings. Having fun together and making space for vulnerability will make your team feel they belong.