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Andra’s journey

Be it business or our life, what we accomplish is heavily steered by our beliefs, mindset, skills, competences and capabilities. And there is also a high degree of luck, opportunities, life context that influences who we are and what we are able to do. Living up to our full potential simply means that we take all that is given and with the right pressure and enough force we turn it into diamonds.

In the first 40 years of my life, I have accomplished what seemed impossible for me at the start: a strong loving family, a place in the world I call my own, a career that is fulfilling, the ability to live a financially comfortable and independent life. When I’ve started, I had 0 material resources, but I was privileged to grow up in a democratic system, have access to education and parents that loved me deeply. I was healthy, mind & body.

I chose to build a career in procurement. That helped me to develop business acumen, connect with an amazing network of people and charge with confidence in so many tough situations. Together with my teams, in 15 years, we have delivered close to 1bn euros business value. Who would have thought a girl born in communism, with 0 material resources could accomplish all this?

In the next years, I work to build a new life. A life where I give back and help people and businesses to expand their horizon, build the capabilities they need and march with confidence, like I did and do. I want to use all that I am, know, learn, and develop to become a force of good.

I strongly believe that people are inherently good. It’s in us to become solutionaries, make the world a better place, bit by bit. We just need to create the right context, capabilities, opportunities, tools and systems. We can surround ourselves with people that inspire, with stories that give us hope, with sponsors that help us, with bold, fun and all the way human experiences.

As in any new start, the path forward is not paved yet. And what I do now is to pave this path one stone at the time, step by step. I will stumble and fall, I will go in directions that are dead ends and come back. You will see signs of all this, through failed experiments, moves, turns and pivots. It may look chaotic. But know that I am keeping my north star, a positive impact.

In this quest of mine of crafting new ways and learn, I found it overwhelming sometimes to know where to start, to focus on what will create the positive impact I am aiming for. So many dimensions are important: body and mental health (and for this nutrition, movement, beliefs, values, habits…), relationships (family, friends, mentors, sponsors), skills and capabilities.

That is why, together with a fantastic team, we are creating Solutionary PLC. To give us the most impactful growth element, when we need it. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, to be able to focus and use the limited time we have for the maximum impact. I believe we are all unique, we have our superpowers and blind spots. We need to know and feel somebody understands what we want to achieve and help us pave our own path, step by step.

If you’ve read so far, you are my hero and I am grateful for your time. Thank you!

Let’s accomplish together the bold dreams!

Join me on the journey of impactful growth, step by step!